Tanshire Park Shoot

It was great to be invited back to shoot Tanshire Park, a thriving Surrey business park https://www.tanshirepark.co.uk/ located in Elstead near Godalming. We certainly could not have asked for better weather, as the business park was bathed in glorious sunshine with temperatures peaking at 28o.

The shoot was mainly focused around photographing the outdoor aspects of the park, but there were also a few internal shots that needed to be taken to promote the facilities available at the park such as meeting rooms and the onsite café. 

When looking for office space to rent https://www.tanshirepark.co.uk/availability/ imagery is incredibly important in portraying what a business park has to offer. Therefore, it was important to capture high quality images of Tanshire Park to be used on the business parks website and for future promotion. 

The shoot was certainly an enjoyable experience and it was great to have the weather with us!

Compositing products

It is great when we get to shoot product images for our clients from scratch, but sometimes when time and budgets don't allow, we need to composite a product into another shot to create the final image.

In addition to the studio product images we had created for our client's new device, they also wanted to show the product being used by someone in a business setting.  They chose a photo-library image in the style they wanted and asked us to 'comp' in the product.  This meant shooting the device in the studio, at the correct angle and lighting, before taking this and adding it to the business stock image.  Here are the before and after images.

Location Scouting