Using photography to build your brand

Whether you’re a successful small business owner, a brand manager for a multinational company, or marketing manager for an SME, you need photography to build and support your brand. It’s one of the most powerful branding tools and is even more relevant in today’s carefully curated Instagram world.

Every company needs a visual identity – whether through fonts, logos, graphics or photography. And having professional images to convey different messages to different audiences and capture the essence of your brand is vital. Investing in a bank of photographs that complement each other is a great way to express your brand personality, tell your brand story and elicit an emotional response from your audience.

What’s so different about you?

Having a point of difference is something all companies should strive for and is incredibly important in today’s competitive environment. If your messages are the same as your competitors and you’re using stock images with inconsistent quality, it’s very difficult to stand out.

Your brand is the first thing customers notice and remember and different styles of photography will suit different brand personalities. Some big brands, like John Lewis for example, are recognisable just from the style of the photography.

When we begin working with a client, we first establish how we can help clients communicate their point of difference. We start by understanding the brand message and defining the objectives for the shoot and then we develop concept ideas. We also consider where the photographs will be used; whether for a website banner, employee profile page, exhibition stand, direct mail, emailers, press materials, advertising, social media posts, brochures, product pages, internal communications or blogs.

Attentions spans are short, and people often scan written information quickly, so photography is crucial to enhance written content and support the messaging.

The visual brand experience

Working with a commercial photographer is one of the best ways to establish and reinforce your brand. We’ve worked with Sophie Tanner, Director of Sales and Marketing at Historic Sussex Hotels for several years. Within the group, there are three distinctive luxury hotels, so the photography needs to showcase the beautiful locations, as well as the unique style, character and history of each hotel. Sophie has used the images across the website and social media, in both cases seeing high levels of engagement. The images have also helped to secure extensive press exposure with publications from The Telegraph and The Week to Forbes and New York Post.

There’s a misconception that only big companies need bespoke brand images. However, if you’re selling your expertise or knowledge, a personal brand is just as important. Personal trainer, Venetia Zajkowski, came to us looking to create a range of images for her launch to help her to stand out from the competition. She liked the style of the lifestyle images we’d shot for Lilou et Loic, Elizabeth Gage and Kodak and wanted the same look and feel for her website photography. These images all help Venetia connect with her audience, highlight her position in the marketplace and portray her as a professional and approachable personal trainer.

Brand images are essential for all sizes of business

Brand images are essential for all sizes of business

Building a bank of images to help support your brand

It’s a marketer’s dream to have a plentiful supply of brand images that are appealing, engaging and thought-provoking.

Creative photography for advertising and design can capture your brand through clever use of lighting, contrast, colour themes, clean backgrounds, crisp images or atmospheric settings. Although it’s an investment, the technical knowledge, creativity, access to the latest photographic technology and clever editing all helps deliver high quality images that are totally on-brand and can be repurposed over multiple channels.

If you sell physical products, there’s no doubt you can increase sales with aspirational images, showing products with detail and clarity in the right setting. If you’re a service organisation, an educational facility or charity, then great images of people and surroundings convey the brand personality – whether it’s serious, friendly, professional, smart or quirky - and help people to relate to your services and take action.

In the same way that social media has enabled anyone to become a publisher, smart phones and filters have also made us all photographers. But brand photography, supported by a real understanding of marketing and design, can have a massive impact on how memorable your brand is – and ultimately boost your sales. We’re always happy to chat through ideas, so if you’d like to find out more about our brand photography or have any question, please get in touch

Tanshire Park Shoot

It was great to be invited back to shoot Tanshire Park, a thriving Surrey business park located in Elstead near Godalming. We certainly could not have asked for better weather, as the business park was bathed in glorious sunshine with temperatures peaking at 28o.

The shoot was mainly focused around photographing the outdoor aspects of the park, but there were also a few internal shots that needed to be taken to promote the facilities available at the park such as meeting rooms and the onsite café. 

When looking for office space to rent imagery is incredibly important in portraying what a business park has to offer. Therefore, it was important to capture high quality images of Tanshire Park to be used on the business parks website and for future promotion. 

The shoot was certainly an enjoyable experience and it was great to have the weather with us!

Compositing products

It is great when we get to shoot product images for our clients from scratch, but sometimes when time and budgets don't allow, we need to composite a product into another shot to create the final image.

In addition to the studio product images we had created for our client's new device, they also wanted to show the product being used by someone in a business setting.  They chose a photo-library image in the style they wanted and asked us to 'comp' in the product.  This meant shooting the device in the studio, at the correct angle and lighting, before taking this and adding it to the business stock image.  Here are the before and after images.

Location Scouting